Paul the Sea Cat and Haibert are proud to announce that the “GC Liberty” has found a new crew.
And as everyone is probably excited, the crew will introduce themselves right here:

Ahoy there, fellow treasure hunters and pirates,
I am Anja (GC-Nick Dat Suppenhuhn) and a member of the crew known as “BLACK CHICKEN”. Since 2008 I have been an enthusiastic geocacher. What began as an attempt to find a new hobby has now lasted over 16 years with increasing enjoyment. I love going on cache tours by bike, have developed a particular passion for Dutch mysteries and think LAB caches in cities are the best guided sightseeing tours you can get. I have been organising regional events since 2010 and I am now very excited to bring Piratemania to Germany with a great and creative crew (“Geocaching meets Beethoven” already proved to be a great experience together with my fellow crew members).

From my home harbour, Siegburg an der Sieg, I set sail, taking the car or the aeroplane or bus and train or bicycle or I simply walk. Tours on the water are a favourite of mine, but unfortunately, they are rather rare. My tours have taken me to many places worth seeing. I have also had the pleasure of meeting many great people.
My favourite things to do are interesting/special multis, power trails, “geo-arts” or Adventure LAB caches.
In 2020, I was part of the organisation of GEOCACHING MEETS BEETHOVEN in Bonn.  I played the horn in the orchestra, the only horn, virtually one horn, or EinHorn.
This wild pseudonym still haunts me to this day…

Pirates are always looking for treasure. It all began, or to express it differently, every addiction begins with a quest.
I am Melanie/ Melli (GC nickname Mellilie) and known here on the “Liberty of Geocaching” as Wacky Wolly Sheep. My journey on this sailing ship began in April 2012, it was raining, and Mad-Brain Marrtyn and I set off to find a treasure. From that moment onwards, no matter where we travelled, at home or abroad, in the city or in the forest, we searched for treasures.
We have been travelling with the entire pirate crew since 2016. In 2020, we celebrated Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th birthday together. We had learnt that he owned a great treasure. Unfortunately, it was not the gold ducats we expected, but sheets of paper with music written all over them. In the end, however, this treasure was more valuable than any gold coin. And we had a lot of fun with it. We will probably never forget this search.
Now we are off on another journey to search for and find the next hidden treasure with you.

It was a Saturday afternoon in April 2012, Wacky Wolly Sheep (Mellilie) and I, Mad-Brain Marrtyn (EnMa,) went on our first treasure hunt. After the first treasure was found, more and more followed over time. We travelled to foreign countries and explored their coasts and cities. We also found treasures of other kinds along the way: Friends with the same passion – finding the next treasure. Some time has passed since our last big gathering in 2020 and I am now joining the Pirate Crew on a new adventure. I am looking forward to celebrating 25 years of geocaching together with the other crew members and with you in our pirate’s nest. The sails are set, and we are sailing back to our pirate’s nest. Expect my coming in the year of our Lord 2025 on the fifth day of the seventh month in the morning hours, facing to the East.

Since 12 June 2010, I have been roaming the meadows and forests in search of your treasures. Big or small, my name has to be everywhere. Even in foreign lands, across the Atlantic, I have been dragged to find THE treasure. And believe it or not, I found THE treasure almost in front of my pirate’s nest at GC4XQAN. As part of the team, this is the Klabauterfrau.
See you soon Jens aka Garfield72

Stay tuned, visit our homepage from time to time and we look forward to having a great time with you all at the Pirate’s Nest.
Best regards
Your Piratemania Germany Crew

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